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People struggling with one form of addiction or the other usually feel like their lives are spiraling out of control but, at the same time, believe they can stop whenever they choose to. Unfortunately, overcoming addiction often requires a little more than just choosing to stop. Substance use disorders (SUDs), commonly referred to as addiction, is a complex condition in which an individual impulsively consumes a substance despite harmful consequences. People living with addiction can’t just “stop” even if they want to because their physiological and psychological functions may be impaired due to the effects of the consumed substances. Because of these impairments, it is usually advisable for people struggling with a substance use disorder or addiction to get professional help.

One of the reasons many run from getting professional help is the stigma attached to rehab. Fortunately, in-patient care is not the only treatment option for addictions. Through the advent of telemedicine, people can now get professional outpatient addiction treatment from their homes or pharmacies, needing only to visit treatment centers when necessary. That way, different treatment options are available to help patients overcome and manage any form of addiction. If you are struggling with overcoming addiction and you are not sure whether to seek professional treatment or not, here are five reasons you should consider receiving professional addiction treatment.

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Addiction is a complex condition that affects all aspects of your life. From physiological effects to psychological, emotional, and even social life, struggling with an addiction can negatively impact your quality of life. As a result, addiction treatment has to be wholesome and tailored to your situation. There are different treatment options available for people struggling with substance use disorder, many of which can only be prescribed or administered by professionals. With various options available for both in-patient and out-patient care, an addiction expert can help you choose the right one to help you achieve your goals faster. Sometimes, treatment may involve using some medication and attending therapy sessions like cognitive behavioral therapy, which you may not get outside of a professional setting. Individual and group therapy sessions have proven to be very useful in helping people understand the root cause of their addictions, helping them make positive changes to address those issues and overcome their addictions. No two patients are the same, and what worked for someone else might not work for you. With a combination of different treatment forms tailored to your unique needs, your chances of recovery and living your best life is higher.


In managing and eventually overcoming your addiction, it would be helpful to have the best hands working you through the journey. Licensed addiction experts have been trained to give you quality treatment and support through your journey. As experts, they have comprehensive knowledge on the different forms of addictions, treatment options available, and the suitable one for you. You can get professional and accurate answers to your questions while getting the right treatment for you. By getting professional treatment and working with a licensed expert, you can also better understand your condition and manage it. In the case of in-patient care, you will get professional care from licensed health professionals trained to manage addiction-related conditions such as those associated with drug withdrawal and hallucinations.


Addiction thrives in isolation. Addiction experts know this, which is why they provide you with the adequate peer support you need to overcome your addictions. With professional treatment, you may be encouraged to join support groups and pair with people like you on their recovery journey. With the right peer support, you would not feel isolated or stigmatized because of your addictions. You may even go on to make long-lasting friendships with members of your support group. Having peer support encourages you to be accountable and dedicated to your recovery journey.


Even after initial addiction treatment, one of the advantages of professional treatment is ongoing support. Most addiction treatment platforms put systems in place to check up on you and discourage you from a relapse. Examples of such systems are support groups, regular meetings, tools, and exercises to encourage you to keep fighting on days you think you are too tempted to give in. Even in the case of a relapse, you would be assigned counselors and accountability partners to help you get back on track with your sobriety. With professional help, you are never alone at any point.


As stated earlier, recovering from addiction requires more than just a desire to stop using. You need a structure and plan in place to make the necessary changes required to overcome addiction. You may not be able to do it alone, but you can recover faster with the right professional help and guidance. Generally, people who seek professional treatment for their substance use disorder often experience a longer-lasting lifestyle change with long-term sobriety. It is easier to continue on your abstinence journey when you have a supportive team holding your hand and encouraging you not to give up.


When many people start using substances, they usually believe they always have it under control, and the concept of addiction is a myth. Often, they don’t realize they are already getting addicted until it becomes too late. It is always advisable to seek professional help as soon as you notice dependency on a substance. Substance abuse disorders are easier to manage when identified and treated early.
If you are struggling with a form of addiction, you should know that there is hope. You can still get your life back together and achieve all your goals. All you have to do is take the first step towards recovery by seeking professional help. Book a session with a Canadian licensed addiction physician with Maple Addiction Recovery Centres.